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I recently received a call from a prospect and he said, he is very confused with his professional life. All I asked him was to do below exercise.

I call it: Three Steps to Fast-Track your Career success

👉Step 1: Where I am now?

Think in terms of professional success, your work, your roles, your responsibilities, your visibility with your clients, co-workers, boss and other stakeholders.

👉Step 2: Where I want to be?

We have all heard about SMART goals, which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Have you ever heard about dumb goals? Dumb goals are your dreams and aspirations. You may not have an end date for it, yet you crave to achieve them every day. Treat this to be your "Prayers"

👉Step 3: How do I bridge the gap?

What are the specific actions to need to take to reach where you want to reach? Do you need to invest more in your learning? Do you need to meet the right people who can help you on your journey?

Your actions and perseverance will determine your giant leap in the third step.

😇Treat this to be the "Answers" to your "Prayers".

Can a mentor help you fast track the "Answers" to your "Prayers" in this journey?

If you are seriously looking to start, comment on this post.


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