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Design Your Business Meetings to Earn a Profit

Somewhere I read, "A meeting is an event where minutes are kept but hours are lost!" 😁

Quite often than not, I agree with this. Most meetings are paid for with soft money. There is no purchase request required and no budget needs to be approved. All someone has to do is call a meeting.

One of the common mistakes I have seen is- meetings are run like a medieval court. The chairperson sits on a verbal throne while the subjects sit in respectful silence. The big talker justifies this by thinking: if the other people in the meeting knew anything worthwhile, they'd be leading the meeting. 😏

However, the reality is that if you're the only one talking, you're working too hard. In addition, realize that people protect themselves from extended monologues by sending their thoughts off on a holiday. So, no one is paying attention to you: they're busy doodling or dreaming.😴

Hence, design meetings to earn a profit.

😎Watch the below video to know five power strategies to manoeuvre fruitful meetings.

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