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Hi, I am Mani, Founder Life Branding Coach and here is my life's story-


I was born into a business and fairly liberal family in Punjab. I am ambitious since my early childhood (well as far as my memory goes). And as life could conspire, I started going to my dad’s office every day during my graduation days, after completing my college’s lectures.

So, for every single day for these three years, I got to know what it takes to close deals with the clients. There was a pattern; so I understood that business is being done based on your reputation in the market, your image or in other words YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. I will leave this story here and will come back!

Fast forward, soon after completing my M.B.A., I got married into a service class family. And as my aspirations were even higher than any obstacles I encountered, I embarked my corporate journey in one of top IT companies of the world.

Years rolled by, and mid-way into my career, I realised that I was surrounded by super talented and skilful people around, yet I saw, life did not come easy to them- they were struggling with promotions, pay rise and even the next career jump. A few questions perturbed me. What was lacking? Why such highly skilful people are not able to reach where they deserved to be?

So, I started studying common patterns with those colleagues. And Bang on! The answer was still the same- a weak personal brand projected.

Suddenly, all the dots started connecting for me- the reasons coz of which my dad’s business was growing (or not growing) were exactly the same with people stuck in their careers i.e. An ineffective personal brand! Soon, my hypothesis was confirmed, and it became my subject of passion.


Following years, I immersed myself into self-learning, meeting more people, traveling more, observing behavior and doing required certifications. I became my own first client. A journey of self-transformation began, and I am so glad that I underwent through this metamorphosis- now I justify what I preach!

Today I proudly say, “I help people to help themselves”, to make people identify their strengths, and carve their brand around what they want others to perceive them as. I help Corporate Leaders and Business Owners leverage their Personal Brand to flourish in their personal and professional lives. And as I truly believe that “Personal Branding is a journey and not a destination, I call it LIFE BRANDING!”


I am also the author of the upcoming book "One Notch Up".


I share my story to show you that if I am where I want to be, you can too!


To Your Massive Success,


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