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ARE YOU FIGHTING THE “War of Clones”!!!!!

Check this out-

In India annual pass-outs-

1,500,000 Engineering

About 3,60,000 MBA students

About 8000 Chartered Accountants

Each one of us having similar educational backgrounds, exposed to similar #opportunities and think to be “SUPREME” over others.

So what is the #differentiator?-

Let us understand today 5 #obsessions one must have to grab the SPOTLIGHT!!

· #Creativity-Each one of us is creative. Just we need to keep practising it. Do you think out of the box, do you have another perspective to a problem? Think about it!

· #Communication- “It is not ‘what’ you speak, it is about ‘how’ you speak”. Think, 80% of the conflicts in our life is due to communication. Time to think, how effective is yours?

· Self-Investment- We are in the #Knowledge Economy”, the biggest asset we have is our “mind” and the biggest investment you can do it on yourself.

· #Visibility- Opportunities do not knock the doors of someone who is the most learned, but of that someone who is most visible. How much are you memorable?

· #Attitude- Your attitude comes off on your current and possible clients, your staff, your personal relationships and each one of those that you come into contact with.


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