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Story 1# It was the year 1999, it was a normal day wherein I would finish my college and then join my Dad in the afternoon to help him in his business.

A man walks in to place an order, maybe around Rs. 2L (huge money in those times!)

Dad refuses.

I am stunned, eagerly waiting for their meeting to get over, I jumped to ask, "Why Dad, how can you refuse such a high-value order?"

“Because he does not have good credibility in the market”, was his answer.

Moral of the story: Wherever you go, your reputation (aka IMAGE) reaches before you.


Story 2# Fast forward to the year 2011, I am travelling in a train with my son, who was then 4 years old.

I am wearing a green colour cotton salwar suit, with plain chappals, hair tied at the back and literally no make-up.

My son is all in his fury of asking great questions to fellow passengers.

“Too smart for this age”, exclaimed one of them! What does his dad do?

“Well he works as a Senior Manager in an MNC”, I replied.

Aah, looks like his father is an intelligent man, and hence the son.

And you must be always at home taking care of this boy, the dialogue continues…

No! Even I work in an IT MNC as a consultant, I said in an irritable tone…

Really, I see! Maybe this boy is like this as he has both of your genes!!!

“MAYBE?????”, I was aghast and decided to quit this conversation.

Moral of the story: I was judged by my appearance ?

And numerous such small events continued to happen to add to my hypothesis: You are always judged, outside-inside.

Now that judging others comes so easily to all of us (whether we admit it or not!), why not make ourselves seen the way we want others to perceive us??

Does this resonate with you? Share your comments, will be glad to hear if you had similar experiences ????

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