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A movie that moved me- The King's Speech!

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Stammering may be common speech defect, and for most people, it may not have consequences, but for one man.

"The King's Speech" chronicles the true-life story of King George VI's struggle to gain the confidence to lead his nation.

For many years, Prince Albert would fear public speaking because of his crippling stammer. So, his wife Elizabeth connects him to a speech therapist- Lionel Logue, who gives him vocal and physical exercises.

Logue also learns more about Albert's sensitivity, his low self-esteem and his fears.

Events for Albert piled up- his father is dying, his older brother David is too obsessed with his married lover and World War II fast approaching.

And when the throne is handed to him, Logue must help him get through his crowning ceremony announcing the beginning of the war.

So what was the game-changer moment for Albert-

• Hard Pressing circumstances? or,

• Willingness to take on responsibilities? or,

• Pressure to meet the expectations of a king?


A powerful mentor in his life, a mentor who believed in him and was always there to work with him, uplift him, #empower him !!!!

Who is your #mentor? Share via comments!

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